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Phone: +44 (0) 7714 288 286

My habit as an artist/print-maker is to look at the ordinary, unnoticed or unseen and make it more visible.  I do this by changing the scale of an object or just shifting my   perspective.  I make runner beans into planets, flocks of sheep into constellations or draw road maps of bus journeys based on the  bumps in the road, rather than map co-ordinates. 

In my last series of prints I buried etching plates in different  parts of Kensal Green Cemetery for a month.  The natural acids in the soil ate away at the zinc of the plates, so that when I print them, they produce images of the unseen corrosive subterranean life there – like CCTV for the soil.   I am currently making a series of prints from plates buried in battlfield. In other 3D work I also like to focus on the overlooked, such as the pattern on a piece of broken pottery.

I also co-run a community enterprise, Cordwainers Grow, where we run creative environmental and community projects and workshops - natural dyeing, thread-growing and making, print-making.